”Good music is not about how much money you have in your wallet”

Ali Production is a Music Studio which was founded in 1977. Today we are mostly mastering Jazz/Folk music, but we can also do all other kinds of music mastering works.

We are mastering all kind of tracks, mp3, wav files, ect. from Guitar / Bass / Drums / Keyboards or we can master the finished mix of your song, ready for sales or radio.

How can we master a song or track for only $5? We can and will do this because it is important for us to give all a chance to get their files mastered, there are so many artist that are strugling with the money part of the music, so here we try to help, even though we nearly do not earn anything, but it is  good for our hearts to be a part of sharing & helping other musicans - we have all been there even it is a long time ago.

Our masterings are not automatic, we are mastering by ears and of course all kinds of studio gear, because the price is low, we do not make specialised mastering, it means when you upload your file, we master it and that's

it, if we should have done it in your costumized way, it would take a lot of our time, and crash our mission to get out to so many people who really need a good mastering at a fair prize.

How does it Work ? (step by step what shall I do)

1.   Send us your track or song via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

2.   We listen to your song or track and make all the necessary technical adjustment to make it sound right.       

3.   Then you will get the test mastering back with some soft periodic beeps in it.

4.   If your like you test mastering, you now have to pay us $5. via Paypal. 

5.   When we have received your payment, we will send two new final masterings ( one Wav. 16 Bit 44100hz file and one Mp3 320 kbps file ).

On our contact page you can get the free Dropbox or WeTransfer link.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, also if you think maybe your music isn’t good enough, we have heard it all, and we will gladly help you.

Note : For best results your tracks or mix should have a headroom for at least 6db or more. ( It's not a requirement )

Also note : that the files you get back are standard industry 16bit 44100 hz CD quality, and the mp3 is a 320 kbps, of course you can have other formats.

All Best 

Ali Production                                                                                         

Greg Walsh


Please Note :

We only accept payment via Paypal.

Please send your material via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Thank You

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